Letters to my son 24 months

Dear Erick Ryan,

I cannot tell you enough how much I truly love you. You are the light of my life, everyday’s an adventure with you, one that I always look forward to embark. You are now 2 years old, and honestly I have never been happier. Erick you are such a smart, loving and caring little boy. And oh my how funny you are… today I taught you how to say Adios!! Target! and you mimic my pitch, you walk like a pro, and you are putting sentences together. You are learning the meanings to words, you are learning colors and everyday making me fall more in love with you.

I want you to know how your smile brightens up a room, how your laugh fills me with joy and how your existence gives me purpose. You do no wrong my love, because all you do is full of innocence. And I hope that as you grow you value yourself, because you are worth more that gold. you mean so much to me and your father and if I could I would keep you in a bubble to protect you from the cold, hard, cruel people you will encounter in life. I want you to understand how much of a beautiful human being you are, and never doubt  it or forget it. I want you to know that I will always support you and love you no matter your mistakes. I want you to remember you can always come back home and you never have to prove yourself to me. Because I know you more than you can ever think.

For 10 months we shared one body and we grew together.. me as a mother and you as the angel you are. So if anyone turns their back on know that I will not, and if anyone tell you are are worth nothing, remember you were the reason I smiled everyday, the reason I pushed forward on days I couldnt, you were someone’s purpose.

I love you deeply papi more than you will ever imagine…



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