Our Trip to the Bronx Zoo

So on the 4th of July instead of doing the typical fireworks and barbecue Cris, and I decided to take Erick to his first trip to the zoo. We had been wanting to take him for a while but never really go around to it, The crazy thing is that we live maybe 15-20 minutes away from the Bronx Zoo and this is the first time we went. When we got to the zoo we had to go to the ticket stand and email them our tickets so that they can print it out for us afterwards we started walking towards the sea lions. Erick loved it not to mention he wanted to go into the water as well, from there we walked over to a concession stand and got some DIBS ice cream. Then we started walking towards the birds of prey exhibit, we got to see the vultures, owls, and the Bald Eagle. They were so large bigger than we expected and although they were locked into the cages they were quite intimidating. Erick learned how owls have light feathers so that they won’t be loud and alert their prey where as other birds wings usually make noise when they flap.

We decided to walk towards the children’s zoo but as we made our way there Erick fell asleep so we decided to take advantage and go grab something to eat so we went to the dancing crane cafe. We had cheeseburgers and coke with fries, it was delicious.. They had the peacocks roaming freely (personally they scare the shit out of me) but I guess other guests found them fun. We then decided to go see the Rhinos Cris was really excited about seeing them but they kept hiding, from there we decided to go see the Tiger Mountain unfortunately due to the warm weather a lot of the animals were not outside so we couldn’t see them. So we decided to ride the asian monorail, we were able to board a monorail (self explanatory Stacy.. DUHH) and see the Elephants (my fave), they had a tiger, deers, donkeys and bulls.

That’s were we decided to end out trip, we couldn’t see all the exhibits because toddlers get fussy, but there is always next time. Erick had so much fun and so did Cris and I. We hope to go back soon probably in the early fall so that more animals exhibits are available to us.



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