Our First Trip to Central Park

So a few weekends ago my brother, niece, Cris, Erick and I decided to go to central park. I hadn’t been there in years and my son has never gone so I was excited to take him. We grew up in Spanish Harlem so we decided to go down memory lane first. We went to the building we grew up in and then we walked across the street to where my old elementary school was in. It was so nice to remember those “simpler days” and share little stories and background with Cris and my niece, and reminisce with my brother. Everything was so different now but my school and out building had not changed one bit.

We then headed into the park we entered through 110th street and Madison Ave and walked to the Conservatory Garden. I remember when I was in elementary school and we took a field trip here to release the butterflies we bred. And we walked past the Wisteria Pergola, everything was just amazing, Erick loved the water fountains and he had fun throwing change in and “making” wishes. Time really stands still in Central Park its an oasis in such a large and busy city. I think the garden has always been my favorite part of the park besides the old boat house.

It was really hot out that day so we took the kids to the playground so they can get in the sprinklers, I swear my niece and son are the weirdest kids, they are scared of sprinklers and didn’t want to go in Cris had to carry my niece and run in and I had to grab Erick and let the mist soak him up a bit. Then my niece had to use the bathroom so we headed out the park and walked over to Bare burger by then Erick had past out, and we were able to eat out meal in peace.

Days like this are so much fun and meaningful to me. I got to share a bit of my life with my husband and my son (although he is to young to appreciate it) but I am sure that there will be many more trips and much more memories to share and create with each other.



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