Mother’s Day Scare

So on mother’s day this year Cris Erick and I were hanging out at home after we went out to eat, Erick was running around in circles around our couch when I went to stop him to calm him down a bit. When I looked at his face I noticed the area around his lips had turned blue, I got scared because his heart was racing and although he was still laughing and playing I felt something was wrong. This happened to Erick before when he was a few months old, and when we consulted his pediatrician we were referred to a cardiologist who stated his heart and him were ok and maybe it was a sensitivity to the cooler temperature.

Our pediatrician brushed it off after we got cleared by the cardiologist. And up until now he never had another “blue spell” again. So when I saw this I showed it to Cris, all I kept thinking was something is wrong, peoples mouthes don’t just turn blue. For a while I would notice when Erick is hyper or wakes up with a night terror his heart would take a long time to slow down, and when you put you hand over his chest it beats hard. But I kept figuring he is ok because he is still active, he has never complained about chest pains or past out.  But when this happened it was alarming, so later that week we took Erick to his Dr’s appointment, it hadn’t happened again but we wanted to make sure he was ok.

His pediatrician referred him to the pulmonologist, and the ENT, also he was concerned about a birth mark on Erick’s back so he wanted him seen by a spine specialist to rule out scoliosis. The weeks leading up to these appointments were honestly the worst, whenever you think something is wrong with your baby anxiety kicks in. Although through the day it was  a bit easier to deal with my emotions at night when everyone was asleep I couldn’t. I would imagine the worst case scenarios, I would be up until 2 or 3 in the morning, I would cry and just watch his sleep. This is my baby I am supposed to keep him happy, healthy, and safe and I don’t know what is wrong with him.

What if he had scoliosis, what if his lungs and heart were failing… these were constant thoughts running through my head. Just writing this is making me relive the fear, the first appointment we got was the spine specialist, we had to get him some X-rays and the large machines scared Erick, he was crying non stop and all I could do was hold him straight up and hope that they got clear images so that they wouldn’t have to repeat the testing. On the coming Friday I would meet the doctor and go over his X-rays, Cris couldn’t make it to this appointment and I didn’t want to go alone, I needed support in case I got bad news so my mom came with me. When we were in the room I was just so nervous I was getting snappy with my mom. Finally the doctor came in, he was OK, his X Rays came back normal and he just had to be monitored by his pediatrician. When I tell you the biggest smile came on my face and relief spread through my body… That night for the first time in weeks I got decent amount of rest.

But this was short lived because his following appointment was the pulmonologist, and this one was directly to the blues spell, when we got there the doctor started asking us questions, she saw the notes on his chart but wanted to ask the questions again just so that she can get a better understanding of the situation. Once we told her she checked his heart, and heard his lungs, she also pulled up the X ray which was going to show us a clear picture of his lungs. Erick cried throughout the whole check up, and it honestly broke my heart because children shouldn’t have these types of checkups. They should be little and enjoy their youth and not in doctors office constantly. Thankfully Erick’s lungs were great she said that we should have the cardiologist follow up, and again my heart sank.. Another specialist another concern, but we had to do it to make sure Erick was ok.

That night I didn’t sleep, I kept feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I do not want anything wrong with my son. But all I can do is sit here and wait, the day of the cardiologist appointment came quickly, and we saw the same Dr we had seen when Erick was a few months old. She checked Erick and said that we would do an EKG and an Echocardiogram, I know from experience EKG’s don’t hurt, but I also know that to Erick this is foreign and scary, and sure enough he started crying hysterically, somehow the tech was able to get a good enough EKG to satisfy the doctor. Later the Dr came into the room and performed the Echo which I know causes discomfort from how hard the sometimes press the probe. And sure enough after a few min Erick started crying hysterically and all I could do was hold him down and hope that the procedure would be over quickly…. Finally she finished, and she said that everything looked normal, and that he doesn’t have abnormalities in his heart, so again we were left in the unknown, she asked what was next and I informed her we were scheduled to see the ENT and makes sure his tonsils and adenoids were not enlarged. The doctor also explained that the reason his heart beats feel so hard are because he is thinner, so it felt easier. So she let us go and re iterated that Erick was ok.

The day had come for the final appointment…. the ENT, we were hoping it would be just a quick follow up and that the wouldn’t have to insert the camera up Erick’s nose but sure enough we had to, honestly at this point I was just fed up I am frustrated that he had to keep going through procedures, and discomfort. I do not want Erick to grow up and be afraid of Drs and he is already feeling that way. The moment we saw the doctor Erick cried, and again to no surprise his adenoids and tonsils were fine. No this doctor wanted to refer Erick to gastro because blue spells can be caused by acid reflux, Cris and I decided that what would be best is to consult his pediatrician and see what he thinks we should do.

So when we went back to him we explained to him how the appointments went, we told him with the ENT advised, and we wanted to give Erick a break, we explained how he hadn’t had a blue spell since mothers day and that he was still progressing and acting normally. So he agreed in giving Erick a break, and said we might follow up in the winter again, or sooner if it happened again.

So we are still in the unknown about what happened to Erick, and although these appointments were heartbreaking to experience at least we have peace of mind that it isn’t heart related or related to his lungs. It also taught us how to be more grateful for his good health because there are children who have to go through this everyday of their lives. And although this is a scary experience I am glad Cris and I listened to our instinct and addressed  the issue instead of ignoring it. I hope we are continued to be blessed with good health for our son, and that he continues to grow and thrive everyday of his life.



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