About Us

Cristian and I met in 10th grade history class. He had started mid year when he had move back to NY from Ecuador. I walked into class that day and sat with my usual group of friends when the teacher asked me to share my notes with him. In order for Cristian to pass the class he had to catch up on all the notes, and that pissed me off… I came to school took notes, studied for tests, worked on projects and did homework to get a passing grade and all he had to do was copy my notes?

A mutual friend introduced us afterwards and we clicked, Cris truly became my best friend. Someone that I could confide in, talk to all the time and hang out with. At the time I was going through some personal things. I had started grieving my dad, and it felt like not many people understood how I could grieve someone that had died over 6 years prior. Some actually thought I was seeking attention, but not Cris. He would sit with me outside of the cafeteria and just listen.. And I don’t know if he realized it or not but that made all the difference. Shortly after Cris and I became friends I had starting going out with another guy. He had graduated about a year prior and when he came to visit he asked me to be his girl. After being with my Ex for 2 years I broke it off… and almost immediately after that me and Cris started dating.

I remember not wanting anyone at school or at home to know. I didn’t know if the relationship was going to last, and I didn’t want people meddling. I mean it didn’t take long for people to find out, but the one person I really didn’t want to know was my mom. She knew me and Cristian were best friends, and I would go hang out with him, and even go to his house but my mother was old school and I knew that the min that she found out Cris was more than just a friend she would put an end to all that and start interfering in our time together.

I didn’t want her to stop her from seeing him outside of school or our house, and again I didn’t want to bring a boy home unless I knew that it was something serious. I remember when my mom found out she was pissed, she felt like everyone including Cris’s mom knew and she didn’t. And sure enough Cris and I were not allowed to hang out outside of school or unless he came over. The first year was rough, we would argue soo much, about things and one day my EX came to my house unannounced and when Cris found out he was so hurt and angry. And we broke up for a few hours, we were heartbroken.. I felt like he didn’t understand or trust me and he felt like I was betraying him. Thankfully we worked through it.

Cris and I had both been through a lot in our life, and we wanted similar things for our future. It’s insane but me and him just clicked.. from the outside looking in we were completely different, we are from different cultures, had different upbringing but our core values and morals were the same. I think we balance each other out pretty well. I guess Cris felt the same because on December 24th 2011 Cristian proposed to me. We were very young, but we were so passionate about our relationship, and we knew that we were in love and wanted to be together, he was really the perfect fit for me.

We had a pretty decent engagement, we finished school started working and re enrolled in school LOL. And on February 7 2013 on our 3 year anniversary we said our I do’s. The first year of our marriage was a bit unconventional. He still lived with his parents and I lived with my mom. We were finishing school, trying to get financially stable so that we can get a place. We would alternate weekends, one weekend at his house one weekend at mine. We would go out every weekend and be typical 21&22 year olds, then go back to work during the week. Then on January 2014 we signed the lease to our studio apartment. 2014 was a bittersweet year for Cris and I. He lost both his grand parents, but it was also the year that we conceived Erick. It was such a huge shock, we were still trying to learn to live together and then BAM! we were pregnant. Erick was such a blessing for us. And ever since he came into our lives this has been the happiest of times. Of course we face typical married couple hardships and the little quirks and flaws we had when we were just dating have turned into annoyances and arguments.. I can honestly say that it has shaped our marriage, having Erick makes us fight more for our relationship and want to stick it through. He inspires us to be better individuals and an stronger couple.

So continue reading our adventures through blogs and go down this road with us.