Cristian and I where best friends in High School. We met in History class when Cris had to copy some notes from me because he started school mid semester. I remember being so upset because the teacher actually said that in order to pass he would just have to copy all my notes!! I came to class everyday, did my HW and worked my butt off for my grade and he just had to copy my notes!! Needless to say initially I didn’t like him.

Through a mutual friend we grew to become very good friends. Cristian became my confidant, someone I could always talk to no matter what. At the time that I became friends with Cris I was was seeing someone else, when things started messing up with my ex Cristian was the one I turned to support. When I broke up with my ex Cristian and our mutual friend came over, they had ice cream with me and played monopoly, when I walked them downstairs I kissed him for the first time.

On February 7, 2010 Cris and I made it official we became boyfriend and girlfriend. There was no need to date because dating is to get to know one another and, we both knew so much about each other we had been “BFF’s” for 3 years. It was scary, to think that if the relationship did not work out not only would I lose my boyfriend but also my best friend. The beginning was very rough but eventually we got over our obstacles.

December 24, 2011 Cristian and I got engaged. It was so weird we were so young, but so in love. We both wanted (and still want) the same things in life. We would stay up late nights and talk about our future. Things we wanted to accomplish, we wanted to finish school get married have children. We wanted happiness, we had been through enough hardships as young as we were and we just wanted to be happy.

On February 7 2013 Cristian and I said our I do’s after 6 years of friendships 3 years of being together we finally got married, 2 years later on May 5 2015 we welcomed our handsome prince Erick Ryan Quizhpilema-Martinez. All of our dreams came true, and little by little all of our goals are being accomplished.